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Learn to sail! Sailing is an invigorating sport that has loads to offer, not the least of which is that it’s a whole lot of fun! Picture white sails billowing against a clear blue sky, the feel of the breeze on your cheeks and the gentle motions of the yacht as it glides through the water. Sailing can either be something you enjoy socially or as a competitive sport. The wind is the yacht's driving force and as a sailor you need to harness its power and use it safely and efficiently. While you learn to sail you will gain a variety of technical skills and expertise, this combination of artistry and science builds a great feeling of accomplishment. Sailing promotes well-being by combining physical activity, interaction with Nature and the social aspect in a very engaging way. Many sailors say that sailing is more than a sport it’s a lifestyle.

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The Sailing Academy is the perfect introduction to the world of sailing. A good sailing academy combines great sail training instruction and confidence boosting practical experience with the thrill of sailing across the water almost immediately.

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Both Gordons Bay Yacht Club on the False Bay coast & Theewater Sports Club near Villiersdorp welcome you as their guests while you are learning to sail with the Sailing Academy. Please support our host sailing clubs & make use of their awesome facilities.

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Restaurant & bar facilities available over weekends & holidays.

Chill Areas

Lounge area & balcony with stunning views over the water.


Dinghy & keelboat Learn to Sail & Race Training lessons.

Sunset View

Both Clubs boast the best sunsets across the water & over the mountains.
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