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improve your sailing skillsHaving built on your dinghy knowledge and sailing skills, in the 'Knowing your Sailing Dinghy' course, you need to improve your sailing skills. This youth sailing course concentrates on bettering your boat handling, We offer the 'Improve your Sailing Skills' course for eight to sixteen year olds.

Improve your Sailing Skills

 Duration:  2 days - 1 evenings
 Experience:  Knowing your Sailing Dinghy
 Minimum age:  8 years old
 Held when:  Weekends and school holidays
 Coach ratio:  No more than 6 students per coach
 Safety boats:  No more than 9 dinghies per safety boat
 Dingies used:  "Topaz Race X" ( 1 or 2 man dinghies)
 Certification:  Improve your Sailing Skills
 Course cost:  See sail training rate sheet

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Improve your Sailing Skills course content

On completion of the 'Improve your Sailing Skills' course the student will have the ability and confidence to sail a dinghy on their own, in a moderate breeze:

Practical sailing abilities

  • Rig, launch & recover a dinghy in any wind direction
  • Get afloat without help
  • Set a boat up according to conditions
  • Recover a person overboard
  • Leave and return to anywhere in any wind condition
  • Sail a triangular course, denonstrating the 5 core elements of sailing
  • Can round a mark efficiently & effectively
  • Have a practical understanding of the start procedure for racing
  • Can fine tune my course using airflow indicators on the sails
  • Can recover from a total inversion
  • Tie appropriate knots

Background sailing knowledge

  • knowledge of the International Rules for the Prevention of Collisions at Sea (RPCS)
  • Can interpret a basic synoptic chart
  • Understand the effect of tide on the basic sailing environment

Improve your Sailing Skills activities

  • Team games
  • Flag painting
  • Sailing touch rugby, tag, etc on the water
  • Sailing DVD's & video clips
  • Paddle skis
  • Marshmallow roasting

Improve your Sailing Skills course notes

  • Students under 9 must be accompanied by a parent or adult sibling
  • Campers are under adult supervision at all times
  • All sailing & safety equipment will be supplied
  • All food & beverages will be supplied
  • Tuckshop will be available after meals

Youth Sailing Course Registration