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The Value of Learning to Sail at a Sailing Academy

If you're considering learning to sail and don't know what to expect from a Sailing Academy, you ought to set your expectations very high. A good certified Sailing Academy will be a whole lot of fun, often thrilling, thoroughly educational, and totally empowering. Not all Sailing Academies will meet these high expectations, but the SAS Acredited Sailing Academies should. Invest the time and effort to find a Sailing Academy that meets your expectations within your price range.

Expect your Sailing Academy to go beyond just teaching you the basics of sailing. The real value of a sailing course lies in providing the skill, confidence, inspiration, and community that will serve as the foundation for a lifetime of sailing adventure. Great Sailing Academies will attend to all of these needs, giving students a complete introductory sailing experience. Conversely, poor execution on any of a number of dimensions (listed below) can turn the experience sour.  Undermining confidence or inspiration so much that sailing never becomes more than a passing interest in a student's life.