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school sailing lessonsIn our School sailing lessons, your whole class will learn to sail a dinghy.  Dinghy sailing is a great sport for kids from grade 3 and up, as it is both mentally and physically demanding.  In addition, sailing at school encourages a healthy, active outdoors lifestyle and to cap it all, our school sailing lessons teaches youngsters and teenagers so many valuable life lessons.

Sailing at school and learning life lessons

In my opinion, all youngsters should be taught sailing at school, much as I believe, they should all learn to swim.  School sailing teaches us life lessons in a fun, healthy environment.  I started sailing at school, aged 9, and here are a few of the life lessons that I learnt through sailing.

Decsision making - as the wind & water conditions are continuously changing, sailors realize that the quicker you make a decision, the quicker you are able to correct it, if it's shown to be incorrect.

Resilience - Sailing is a sport where reducing errors as opposed to moments of brilliance pays dividends. Having the strength of mind to realize when you've made an error and to recover from it, without going into a panic is something that comes naturally to sailors.

Leadership, teamwork & communication - Good sailing crews have well defined roles and clear communication as to what will take place next. Not everybody has a leadership role and not everyone plays a part in each decision, but everybody works towards a common goal.

Unfortunately school sailing hasn't really been included in the sports offering in most South African schools. Boys are usually directed to cricket, rugby, soccer and hockey while girls generally play hockey, tennis and netball. Having said that, a very good point to raise is how many of us keep participating in these school sports after we leave school?

School sailing often becomes a lifestyle after we finish our schooling and it is common place for sailing acquaintances to become friends who sail together for the rest of their lives.

School sailing structure - Theewater Sports Club.

  • One teacher or parent (liason between TSA and school / students).
  • Maximum of 15 youths (smaller groups allows for personalized on the water tuition).
  • Two and a half hours tuition per week (one afternoon per week after school).

School sailing tuition structure - Theewater Sailing Academy.

  • Classroom based theoretical sailing, teamwork & racing tuition.
  • Personalised, on-the-water sailing instruction by two instructors.
  • Follow the Internationally recognized RYA (Royal Yachting Association) curriculum.

Facilities & sailing equipment.

  • Safe & secure family environment.
  • Youth Club House & classroom styled training room.
  • Ablusion block with changing area and hot showers.
  • Safety boat, life jackets & all other safety equipment.
  • Training boat & all training material.
  • Dinghies - 09er, Topaz, Sonnet, Hobie Cat

Planned progression towards Provincial and International participation.

We are passionate about sailing at school, as it as been an integral part of our lifes. We plan for and encourage sustainability, as and when we identify that a young sailor is ready for more serious competition, we would indicate that to his or her parent and the school sailing officer.

We have been invited to send a Youth Team, representing South Africa, to Macau (near Hong Kong) to participate in the Macau International schools dinghy regatta, mid 2014. We would need to train a team of 4 youngsters.

Your school's participation

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