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mastering basic sailing skillsOnce you've learnt the basics of dinghy sailing, in the 'Getting Afloat Sailing' course, you need to expand on your knowledge and skills. This adult sailing course concentrates on building your sailing knowledge, the 'Mastering Basic Sailing Skills' course is the logical choice.

Mastering Basic Sailing Skills

 Duration:  2 days
 Experience:  Getting Afloat Sailing
 Minimum age:  17 years old
 Held when:  Weekends and school holidays
 Coach ratio:  No more than 6 students per coach
 Safety boats:  No more than 9 dinghies per safety boat
 Dingies used:  Race X's, Sonnets, Stadt 15
 Certification:  Mastering Basic Sailing Skills for Adults
 Course cost:  See sail training rate sheet

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Mastering Basic Sailing Skills course content

On completion of the 'Mastering Basic Sailing Skills' course the student will have a good understanding of the five core elements of sailing, required to sail a dinghy effectively:

Practical sailing abilities

  • Understand where & when to put up sails
  • Can rig a dinghy with little or no help
  • Can launch & recover all equipment used
  • Can leave & return to beach, jetty, mooring or dock
  • Can control speed, stop, lie to & get out of irons
  • Can sail towards the wind, tacking effectively
  • Understand the principles of the five core essentials of sailing
    • sail setting
    • balance
    • boat trim
    • centerboard
    • course sailed
  • Can sail a triangular course on all points of sail
  • Understand what windward, leeward & gybe means
  • Can 'right' a capsizing dinghy with little or no help

Background sailing knowledge

  • Know the parts of a dinghy, spars & rigging & basic parts of the sail
  • Understand tidal effects
  • Understand the importance of telling someone ashore my activity plan
  • Can access & interpret a basic weather forecast
  • Understand the difference between onshore & offshore winds
  • Understand the five points of sailing:
    • close hauled
    • close, beam & broad reaches
    • dead run

Mastering Basic Sailing Skills course notes

  • All sailing & safety equipment will be supplied
  • Club cafeteria is open on weekends during the season

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