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getting afloat sailingThis fun and exciting adult sailing course is the perfect introduction to sailing for people 17 years of age and older. Your sailing coaches will cover all the basics of dinghy sailing. The course consists of theory and on-the-water training, by the end of this adult sailing course you should be confident sailing in light winds under supervision.

Getting Afloat Sailing

 Duration:  2 days
 Experience:  Must be able to swim
 Minimum age:  17 years old
 Held when:  Weekends and school holidays
 Coach ratio:  No more than 6 students per coach
 Safety boats:  No more than 9 dinghies per safety boat
 Dingies used:  Race X's, Sonnets, Stadt 15
 Certification:  Getting Afloat Sailing for Adults
 Course cost:  See sail training rate sheet

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Getting Afloat Sailing course content

On completion of the 'Getting Afloat Sailing' course the student will be able to sail around a triangular course with minimal assistance:

Practical sailing abilities

  • Select the appropriate kit to wear when sailing
  • Show safety awareness by wearing a personal buoyancy aid
  • Identify wind direction
  • Position the dingy 'head to wind' for rigging
  • Help with rigging the dinghy
  • Steer & crew in light winds under supervision
  • Tack on a 'reach to reach' course
  • Control boat speed
  • Understand the principles of boat balance
  • Understand the principles of towing
  • Paddle a dinghy around a short course
  • Understand & experienced capsizing a boat with help

Background sailing knowledge

  • Name the basic parts of a dinghy
  • Understand what action to take to help someone in distress
  • Understand local hazards
  • Understand how to prepare for a tow
  • Know how to tie stopper knots

Getting Afloat Sailing course notes

  • All sailing & safety equipment will be supplied
  • Club cafeteria is open on weekends during the season

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