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Sailing Academy

A Sailing Academy is the perfect introduction to the world of sailing.  A good Sailing Academy combines great sail training instruction and confidence boosting practical experience with the thrill of sailing through the water almost immediately.

Learn to Sail in SA

Sailing dinghies to keelboats

Sailing is one of the most empowering activities - being out on the water, in a boat, sometimes alone, enhances personal growth and development like few other sports.

Sailing teaches independence, self-confidence, and resourcefulness while conquering fears and learning a life sport. As a sport that values "determined, focused, and smart" over "bigger, faster, stronger," sailing is particularly empowering for women.

Sailing Academy Newsletter

why learn sail

Why You Should Learn How to Sail

Sailing is a recreational pursuit, hobby or sport that can last you a lifetime. It's something that people of any age, ability, or gender can learn, excell in and enjoy. It's one of those pastimes that really is open to everybody and its a whole lot of fun!

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value sailing academy

The Value of a Sailing Academy

If you're considering learning to sail and don't know what to expect from a Sailing Academy, set your expectations very high. A good certified Sailing Academy will be a whole lot of fun, often thrilling, thoroughly educational, and totally empowering.

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Sailing Academy Instructor Blog

Recovering from a Poor Start

Great starts are the stuff that dreams are made of. But when the occasional nightmare start sabatoges your plans, there are ways to salvage a positive outcome. One of the most predictable trouble areas for most sailors is the start. It’s easy to get clogged up, risk a foul, or just get rolled off the starting line. And worse, any mistake there gets accentuated because the fleet is so compressed.

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Perfecting your Dinghy Sailing Starts

A good start in dinghy sailing can be crucial to a good result and whilst races are not won on the startline, they can certainly be lost. During the first 30 seconds of the first beat every meter translates to more positions gained or lost than at any other time during the race!

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Perfecting Your Tacks & Gybes

Smooth tacks and error free gybes are critical if you are to win the race.  It is imperative that you practice your tacks and gybes at every opportunity in all wind strengths, I suggest that you put aside an hour per on-the-water training day to complete 50 tacks and 50 gybes, tacking or gybing every 30 seconds.

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